“Eating Live Animals” in South Korea on Matador Abroad

Eating live animals in South Korea

Eating live animals in South Korea | Photo by Lauren Girardin

We skip willy-nilly through the time-space continuum over on Matador Network, who just published my new travel story about eating live animals in South Korea. Here’s a taste:

My chopsticks finally aim towards the last untried morsels, a substance that can be generously described as resembling chunks of slug. Its glossy, soft flesh is a mottled mix of khaki green, deep brown, mustard yellow, and blue-gray, combined to make a surface both artful and repulsive.

If I saw this beast in my kitchen at home, I’d wonder how it had oozed its way inside from the backyard. But, I’m determined to try anything once, especially if it’s already on the table in front of me. With a deep breath and a deeper sigh, I pick up one of the smaller chunks—

And it moves.

The comments are worth reading too, filled with commiseration and even anti-gagging tips. Thanks to all the complete strangers that have commented on the post. I’d love to read your comment on Matador.

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