“Festivals for Pyromaniacs” on The Brooklyn Nomad and other good news

Guest Nomad post on The Brooklyn Nomad

Sometimes my mind wanders off from Asia and starts thinking about the next trip. In those moments, I’m happy to be able to find a guest blogging gig on other travel sites like The Brooklyn Nomad.

In “Festivals for Pyromaniacs” I write about global effigy burning celebrations like Zurich’s snowman-torching Sechseläuten; Antigua, Guatemala’s devil-barbecuing La Quema del Diablo; and Cheung Chau’s (near Hong Kong) ghost king-roasting Bun Festival.

Please hop on over to The Brooklyn Nomad and share your comments about massive displays of things on fire.

In other good news, my photo from a Madrid bullfight is the lead image on The Observers‘ article, “Catalonia bullfighting ban: breeder fights back.” The article author, Alejandro Melgarejo, is a bull breeder and would value your comments on the issue of bullfight bans.

While you’re at it, read my story about attending a bullfight in Madrid.

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