Here are the people in the neighborhood

I can’t resist a good bout of street photography. If it’s ever offered, I’ll be first in line for a computerized camera in my eye so I don’t miss a thing.

In Cusco, Peru, as we explored the Plaza de Armas and San Blas neighborhood, I shot from the hip to capture these photos of Peruvians at their most candid and spontaneous.

Peruvian woman wearing many sweaters, Cusco, Peru

Peruvian woman wearing many sweaters

Woman carryies a sheaf of grass up a hill, Cusco, Peru photo

Carrying a sheaf of grass up a hill in the San Blas neighborhood

Schoolboys walking together, Cusco, Peru photo

Schoolboys walking together in the hills above Cusco

An old man and dog nap, Cusco, Peru photo

An old man and dog nap on a bench in a plaza

A nun, a church, a taxi, Cusco, Peru photo

A nun, a church, a taxi

Schoolgirl walks home, Cusco, Peru photo

A schoolgirl walks home through Plaza de Armas

Sleeping it off in a blue doorway, Cusco, Peru

Sleeping it off in a blue doorway in Cusco’s San Blas neighborhood

Bread sellers taking a break, Cusco, Peru

Bread sellers taking a break near Arco Santa Clara

What do you love most about street photography? Is it the candidness? The lack of toothy poses? Something else?