Mui Ne, Vietnam travel tips

We did very little while we were in Mui Ne, Vietnam which is the point of the place. There’s some microclimate action that keeps this stretch of white beach sunny more than the rest of Vietnam. Remember to book ahead, especially on weekends.

Read on for the travel tips:

Where we ate:

  • Minh Tam Resort – Sometimes food tastes best when you only have to wander 20 feet to get it. Lucky for us our hotel restaurant had some of the better Vietnamese food on Mui Ne’s beach. Just be sure to ask for a side of nuoc mam (fish sauce) with chili if you like it “more authentic.” They get extra points for having noodle soup as a breakfast choice, which is the way to go in Vietnam: YEH
  • Lunch at Minh Tam Resort
    Lunch at Minh Tam Resort | Photo by Lauren Girardin
  • Quan An Lap Thao – Tasty grilled seafood like shrimp marinated in coconut juice, generously large portions of fried spring rolls, and rice vodka by the bottle: YEH
  • Quan An Lap Thao restaurant
    Quan An Lap Thao restaurant | Photo by Lauren Girardin
  • Restaurant Ni No – We waited a long time only to be served such middling food: NAH
  • Moon Fish – The dishes had a little creativity, but were not worth the higher prices and smaller portions: MEH
  • Pogo – Decent spring rolls to fuel their Wednesday night poker tournaments. A good place to meet expat kite-surfing instructors: MEH
  • Nhu Bao – Pretty good grilled seafood: MEH
  • [something in Vietnamese] Saigon Cafe, just north of the Fairy Stream – We couldn’t find the “real” Saigon Cafe recommended in Lonely Planet, and instead went to this restaurant with a longer name. It turned out to have some tasty fare: YEH
  • Lunch at Something-or-other Saigon Cafe
    Lunch at Something-or-other Saigon Cafe | Photo by Lauren Girardin
  • Hoang Kim Golden – Bland food. Pass the chili sauce please: NEH
  • Hoang Vu – A slightly more upscale place than the usual beach restaurant with above average curry. “Silver Paper” means tin foil: YEH

Where we stayed:

  • Minh Tam Resort, just south of Hoang Kim Golden – A cute beach-side hotel with clean, if unremarkable rooms, a nice pool, and food as good as most places in Mui Ne. Twenty dollars a day includes breakfast and an AC room. Nothing fancy, but it was the best value we found in town: YEH
  • The view from Minh Tam Resort
    The view from Minh Tam Resort | Photo by Lauren Girardin

What we saw:

  • Fairy Stream -Twisty, trippy red and white rock formations alongside a stream that you can wade through. Hopefully there wont be a massive school field trip when you visit as the hordes of kids were distracting and loud: YEH
  • Fairy Stream, Mui Ne, Vietnam
    Fairy Stream, Mui Ne, Vietnam | Photo by Lauren Girardin
  • Mui Ne’s Beach – Much of the sand disappears at high tide, but we were happy to watch from our lounge chairs on the sea wall. Playing in the waves is good fun: YEH