On a bizarre tangent to Nicaragua

Joshua Berman and Andrew Zimmern eat bizarrely in Nicaragua
Photo courtesy Joshua Berman

Let’s leave the rice noodles, fish sauce, and sweet pineapples of Southeast Asia for a moment to join Todd’s brother Joshua Berman, guidebook and travel writer. Lately, Josh has been working as the location specialist on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern‘s upcoming Nicaragua episode.

Zimmern’s TV show led Todd and I to feast on an unusual salad in Hanoi (more on that in a future post) and inspired our friend Scott to try sausage pizza for the very first time. Everyone has their boundaries to break.

Both Joshua and Zimmern write about working on the “Bizarre Foods Nicaragua” episode, which airs on June 2, 2009. Unfortunately, this is just before Todd and I return to the States, so friends, you’re on your own to host a “Bizarre Foods Nicaragua” viewing party complete with a casserole of bulls’ testicles, armadillo surprise, and a several bottles of Flor de Caña.