Our votes have been counted

"How you love," Photo by Lauren Girardin

How you love | Photo by Lauren Girardin

Todd and I are psyched – we just got the official news that our votes by fax have been counted.

But, our stomachs are still in knots. Thankfully, the cause isn’t Delhi Belly – we’re nervous for the U.S. and California election results.

As you might have noticed, although our homepage map shows us in India, we’re only just wrapping up stories of our travels in France. We’re a bit behind. For this post, we’d like to skip ahead to the present: to India, to November 4th, to Election Day in the U.S. We’ll give you a bite of Turkey tomorrow.

From our previous posts, you know we’ve already sent in our absentee ballot by fax and have voted for Obama. But, even if Obama is a sure bet in your state, you must get out to the polls and vote. There are many other critical issues on the ballot, so every vote matters.

Californians, this means you! Vote “No” on Proposition 8. If passed, Prop 8 would amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, effectively prohibiting gay marriages.

Our friends Kim and Sharna, recipients of our Chicago postcard, are one of many couples that got married in a rush before Election Day, which we found out about in an article splashed across today’s New York Times.

Kim and Sharna wanted to ensure that their commitment to each other will forever be legally equal to the one that Todd and I share. Like us, they’ve been together for 11 years. They’re in love. And they deserve the same rights that Todd and I get.

There’s so much more on the ballot that deserves your attention. If you’re unsure of how to vote on a particular issue, you can check out our endorsements.