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Romney vs Big Bird, and our other distractions

October 4, 2012 by Lauren in Detritus with 3 Comments

It’s been a while since we’ve shared our travel stories. Let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.


Big Bird meme Romney unemployment fired

Todd and I both have been caught up in the Presidential brouhaha, watching both conventions and last night’s Presidential debate in which Mitt Romney said he’d fire Big Bird. I taught myself to read watching Sesame Street and I have a fair bit of Muppet obsession, so this policy has me up in arms and making memes.


You know when you don’t want to look for a new apartment in San Francisco? Now, when the city’s rents are possibly the highest in the U.S. When our rent recently got jacked 30%, we decided to move out of the insanely popular Mission District, our home for the last 12 years. Looking for an apartment, packing, and now unpacking has been an overwhelming timesuck. Though we’re still surrounded by cardboard Jenga, now we have a fabulous new apartment in Bernal Heights with this view, which has been dang hard to look away from.

View from Bernal Heights, San Francisco photo

View from Bernal Heights, San Francisco


That’s right, travel blogging doesn’t pay my bills — I’m a marketing and communications consultant to nonprofits, foundations, and other do-gooders. I just worked on an important press release and social media for big news involving Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Treasury, and the IRS for one of my favorite clients, NGOsource. Check it out if you’re interested in global giving made easier.


Todd Berman's painting at 2 Blocks of Art event in San Francisco photo

Todd collaborative painting and two self-portrait contributors at 2 Blocks of Art

Todd’s been creating and showing his collaborative community art all over San Francisco and the Bay Area, including with the Burning Man Project, ArtIsMobilUs, Urban Solutions and San Francisco Arts Commission’s 2 Blocks of Art, Mission Pie, and more. Check out his upcoming events and awesomeness at The Art Don’t Stop.

Travel storytelling returns

You don’t want excuses. You’re here for travel stories.

Fine. Next week we’ll return to our travel storytelling with a tale of the death of cute things in Peru.

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  1. Jessie KwakJan 15, 2013Reply

    It looks like you’ve got plenty going on—but I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures when you get back in the blogging groove! I’ve got you in my RSS feed now.

    Also, thanks for the Princess Bride reference. That made my day. :)

    • LaurenJan 15, 2013ReplyAuthor

      Thank YOU for getting the Princess Bride reference!

  2. Jessie KwakJan 15, 2013Reply

    It was very subtle, but I’ve seen the movie an embarrassing number of times. And now I have a craving to watch it again tonight….

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