And Kala devours it all – Art from Bangkok

And Kala Devours All
And Kala Devours it All, Bangkok, Thailand
SOLD, mixed media on paper, 8″ x 10″

When my friend Travis commissioned a drawing of Bangkok, Thailand, he gave me an interesting assignment:

“What I remember best about traveling is observing the commotion of these places packed with other people going about their lives, but somehow feeling apart from it all, taking it in but not having to abide by the same daily routines or the shackles of time and place.”

“I like the idea of the anonymous throngs of people in habitual motions against the backdrop of places, sights or scenes that a traveler or visitor would consider less ordinary.”

Bangkok’s Kho San Road is the ultimate tourist ghetto, lined with t-shirt vendors, bars, and food stalls. At the end of Kho San Road, people stop by all day to pray and burn incense at Wat Chana Songkram, a thriving Buddhist temple. Both the tourist and the faithful coexist in the middle of Bangkok.

All of these characters and and features have made it into this drawing, and to add a layer of heavy existentialism to it all, Bangkok is being devoured by the demon Kala, the god that personifies time, and is the destroyer of all things.

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