Philadelphia, PA travel tips

What we saw:

  • Bolt Bus – All NewYawkers, get thee cheaply to Philly: YEH
  • National Mechanics Bar and Restaurant – We unknowingly sat down just in time for Irish John’s pub quiz. I didn’t trust my instincts so we didn’t get the Jim Thorpe photo question right: YEH
  • Reading Terminal Market – A large, casual, and diverse mix of specialty groceries and restaurants: YEH
  • American Philosophical Society
  • Liberty Bell – The National Parks Service seems unduly concerned that terrorists may want to attack our cracked bell. I don’t get it: MEH
  • Franklin Court – A sad, outdated, dank museum: NAH
  • The Magic Gardens – Though you can spy Isaiah Zagar’s mosaic murals throughout Philly, this Garden is a tribute to obsessive artistry: YEH
  • Italian Market – Very mellow when we went by (it was, after all, 97 degrees), but you could see the potential: YEH

Where we ate and drank:

  • Denise’s Soul Food Restaurant – The line was longer at a different truck for a reason. The curry chicken was divine, the sides were ok. It’s the pink truck near the transit center: YEH
  • Dutch Eating Place in the Reading Terminal Market – Why do the Amish use styrofoam for their coffee? Because the butter alongside the pancakes will kill you before the coffee’s chemicals will. All kidding aside, blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon: YEH
  • Rick’s Steaks in the Reading Terminal Market – The line of office workers on lunch break was long and they were right, our first cheesesteak in Philly was scrumptious: YEH
  • Jon’s Bar & Grille – How do you judge a place where you only had one beer? We judge it: NAH
  • The Saloon – We likened it to the Wonder Bar of Philly, a comparison that only Berman family members will understand. The service sucked, which doesn’t however change the good time we had with Uncle Bob: NAH
  • Sam’s Morning Glory Diner – Their cranky staff could use a tune up. Oh, whatever, the food was generously portioned and good: YAH
  • 12 Steps Down – A dive bar with nice staff, some creaky regulars, and a lot to be desired: NAH
  • Rita’s Water Ice – It’s hot outside. The water ice (really pronounced “wutah ice” is cold: YAH
  • Campo’s At Market – When the staff saw us walk in wearing our backpacks, they kicked off a friendly and curious conversation about our trip. Todd said the affordably priced cheesesteak was tasty (mine got cold, which doesn’t work): YEH
  • GiGi’s (parked near 30th St Station, 610-389-2150) – How could rice and beans be that good? The vegetarian plate of four dishes was a fantastic finale to our Philly food tour: YEH