Voting by fax from abroad – Yes Obama, No on Prop 8, and our other endorsements

Voting for Obama from abroad
Voting for Obama from overseas | Photo by Todd Berman

The California ballot for the November 2008 election is a doozie – seven pages long. As we mentioned a few months ago, we downloaded our ballots from the San Francisco Department of Elections website and will fax them from India (since they want 3.50USD per page here in Istanbul). Since we’re making the complex effort to vote from the global road, we hope each and every one of you will vote on November 4.

> October 20 is the last day to register to vote in California! Slacker? Do it now.

We researched the candidates and issues online as best we could, relying mostly on the analysis presented in a variety of informed endorsement slates, including the San Francisco Bay Guardian, SPUR, and the San Francisco Chronicle (which we generally don’t agree with on local propositions, but it’s good to know both sides).

Over IM, one of our friends wrote “I want to hire someone smart to vote for me.” Todd and I definitely dork out over politics. So, while we can’t legally ask you to pay us for that service, we can share our opinion in case you would like to crib off our answer sheet. We certainly don’t expect you to agree with each of our positions. To vote by fax, we had to give up our right to a private ballot, so we thought we’d really take the sharing to a whole new level.

Here’s how we voted:

  • U.S. President: Barack Obama
  • U.S. Representative, District 8 (CA): Left blank (not Pelosi fans, ain’t voting for Sheehan)
  • State Senator, District 3 (CA): Mark Leno
  • Member, State Assembly, District 13 (CA): Tom Ammiano
  • Judicial, Seat #12 (CA): Gerardo C. Sandoval
  • Member, Board of Education (SF): Sandra Lee Fewer, Norman Yee, Barbara “Bobbi” Lopez
  • BART Director (SF): Tom Radulovich

California Propositions

  • Prop 1A: Yes!
  • Prop 2: Yes
  • Prop 3: No
  • Prop 4: No No No
  • Prop 5: Yes
  • Prop 6: No
  • Prop 7: No
  • Prop 8: No No No
  • Prop 9: No
  • Prop 10: No
  • Prop 11: We didn’t agree
  • Prop 12: Yes

San Francisco Propositions

  • Prop A: Yes
  • Prop B: Yes Yes Yes
  • Prop C: No
  • Prop D: Yes
  • Prop E: Yes
  • Prop F: No
  • Prop G: Yes
  • Prop H: Yes
  • Prop I: No
  • Prop J: Yes
  • Prop K: No
  • Prop L: No
  • Prop M: Yes Yes Yes
  • Prop N: Yes
  • Prop O: Yes
  • Prop P: No
  • Prop Q: Yes
  • Prop R: Yes, it’s funny
  • Prop S: We didn’t agree
  • Prop T: Yes
  • Prop U: Yes
  • Prop V: No No No
  • Board of Supervisors, District 9: 1st choice – David Campos; 2nd choice – Mark Sanchez; 3rd choice – Eric Quezada